Lt. Governor Brad Little is the heir apparent to the office of Governor. He has done his time and served the state of Idaho for many years. He should be the front-runner in the 2018 Republican Primary race.

Little has faithfully served his appointed positions as State Senator and Lt. Governor and successfully won re-election in both. A strong supporter of Gov. Butch Otter, he has received endorsements from all the living former and current Idaho Governors.

It’s just that his campaign has been a little quiet lately. Sure, the Little camp has attended¬†a few events, hosted BBQs, and shook some hands. The problem is that very few people know about what he is up to lately. Some may even wonder if he is even still running in this race.

Is Brad Little Still Running For Idaho Governor?

Well, let’s settle that now. Yes, Brad Little is still running for Governor. While his polling and quiet support may not show it, he is still plugging away at the idea of being Governor someday. His campaign recently launched a clever series of videos interviewing supporters which shows they are making an effort.

It’s still really early in the race. Little’s team has plenty of time to chip away at support for Raul Labrador. Given his campaign’s low visibility approach it seems as if they want to avoid going after Labrador. Perhaps they are hoping for a nasty battle between him and Tommy Ahlquist so they can sit back and pick up the disillusioned voters who grow weary of campaign negativity.

Campaign finances may also be a reason for the low-key¬†campaign. The last donation haul had him lagging behind Ahlquist by a few hundred thousand dollars. If donations start pouring in, then maybe we’ll see a Little ad or two.

How long will Little sit out the fight for the Governor’s mansion? Maybe a little campaign will go along way in the big race ahead.

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