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Russian Facebook Ads

The Media’s War on Truth

The false Rex Tillerson story published by NBCNews was a perfect example of the liberal media's war on the truth. Secretary Tillerson publicly shut down...
Trump Tax Plan

Why Trump’s Tax Plan is Good for America

President Trump has unveiled his plan for changes to the U.S tax code. While there's no shortage of economists in America. Whatever someone's beliefs...
idaho conservatives

Repealing Idaho’s Grocery Tax

Last year the Idaho legislature spent an enormous amount of time and effort in passing a repeal of the Grocery Tax in Idaho. After...
heroes of las vegas shooting

The Heroes of Las Vegas

Last night, a deranged man killed 58 and wounded over 500 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. President Trump...
Melania Trump War on Women

The New War on Women

The left brutally attacked Mitt Romney in 2012 with his "binders full of women" comment. They used this as part of their false narrative...
Dr Seuss Liberal Books

Dr. Seuss Takes A Knee

On a scale of one to ferociously outraged, liberals have turned the dial all the way to eleven. The latest anti-Trump outrage comes to...
Brad Litte Supporters

Is Brad Little Still Running for Governor?

Lt. Governor Brad Little is the heir apparent to the office of Governor. He has done his time and served the state of Idaho...
Idaho Conservatives

Standing up for America

Conservatives share a common respect for the American flag, patriotism and the national anthem. We stand up to one of the oldest signs up...
Ron Nate Doug Ricks Rexburg

Will Rexburg’s Ron Nate See Another Challenge From Doug Ricks?

As the primary battles lineup for Statewide offices in Idaho in 2018, most eyes are focused on the Governor’s race. However, equally important to...

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