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Idaho State Senate Election

Who is Running to fill the Idaho District 1 State Senate Seat?

With the pending retirement of State Senator Shawn Keough in District 1, there are several Republicans that have thrown their hat into the ring...
Idaho Conservatives politics

Sizable Tax Cut In The Works For Idaho

Just today, the Idaho House of Representatives voted in favor of HB 463, a proposal from Governor Otter to cut Idaho’s state income tax...
Raúl Labrador for Governor of Idaho

Raul Labrador: Not Interested in Idaho’s Best Interests

Raul Labrador is currently a gubernatorial candidate in the state of Idaho. With that in mind, it makes no sense why he is co-sponsoring...
Janet Trujillo Barbara Ehardt

Barbara Ehardt to fill Janet Trujillo’s House Seat?

As soon as Governor Butch Otter broke the news at the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho meeting this week that Janet Trujillo will be the...
Idaho Conservatives politics

The Great Legislator Exodus of 2017

It appears that the possibility of a few open seats in the State of Idaho has many State Legislators jumping ship to try and...
Raul Labrador Trump Problem

Raul Labrador has a Trump Problem

As has become commonplace in the swamp of Washington DC, Congressman Raul Labrador is trying to rewrite history. Raul makes it sound as if...
Idaho CD1 Congressional Race Candidates

The Race for Idaho 1st Congressional District Seat

As the Governor’s race rolls along in Idaho, thoughts are turning to the race to replace Congressman Raul Labrador in Congressional District 1. Congressional...
political sheep

When ideas and candidates can’t compete

An interesting development in Idaho’s political landscape emerged this week. A former state Republican lawmaker launched a PAC designed to infiltrate the GOP primary...
Idaho Conservatives politics

Otter’s Choice: Fuller, Zollinger, or Potts for District 33 Seat

Sitting on the Governor Otter's desk are three names submitted by the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee to fill the vacancy in the State...
Idaho State Tax Rate

The High Tax State of Idaho

When you look at a tax map like this you might wonder if Idaho is as conservative as people think it is. In today’s world,...