Raul Labrador has a Trump Problem

As has become commonplace in the swamp of Washington DC, Congressman Raul Labrador is trying to rewrite history. Raul makes it sound as if he is a loyal supporter of President Trump though the fact check machine says otherwise.

Let’s revisit the truth. When the primary season started Raul took a leadership position with Senator Rand Paul, a campaign that quickly crashed to the ground. From there Raul quickly joined up with Senator Ted Cruz. The criticisms of Trump flowed early and often from Raul. In October of 2015, he told the Washington Times that the Trump hype is all “media-driven” and suggested that Mr. Trump could lack substance on national security issues. “Eventually, people are going to start looking at his policy,” Mr. Labrador said.

In February of 2016, Raul pulled out the oldest establishment trick in the book, by saying Trump wasn’t a real conservative. The Washington Examiner reported:

Labrador also voiced doubts about Trump’s commitment to those ideas. “I don’t think he’s a conservative,” he said. “I don’t think he advocates conservative principles. He is more of a pragmatist. Some people call him a waffler.”

Some may say all is fair in primary season as long as Republicans come together to support the nominee, but Raul didn’t follow that either. In June of 2016, he said, “Donald Trump was not in my top 18 of the 17 running for president.”

But even worse, he actually voiced support for a plan to remove Donald Trump as the nominee, overthrowing the will of millions of Republican voters all over the country:

Congressman Raul Labrador says he could get behind efforts to knock out Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, but only if different kingmakers were leading the charge. If the plans were to put a conservative at the top of the ticket – such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky or Mike Lee of Utah — “some of us might get behind that,” Raul said last week in a Capitol Hill press conference, “Conversations with Conservatives.”

The attacks on Trump and his army of supporters didn’t even end once the President took office. Raul led the charge to derail our best chance at getting rid of ObamaCare, leading to a furious President Trump taking out his frustration with this tweet:

Raul has a long history of doing what is best for Raul, not what is best for Idaho. His fake news “allegiance” to President Trump is self-serving. He fought against Trump every step of the way, supported a plan to remove him as the nominee, and derailed the President’s repeal of ObamaCare. This is the way Washington DC works and the swamp is alive and well. If you want to drain the swamp in Idaho, don’t fall for the immigration lawyer turned Congressman from Washington DC. He’s just a mirage.

Written by: Michael L. Roberts from Tea Party Reporting

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