Raul Labrador: Not Interested in Idaho’s Best Interests

Raul Labrador to sign a bill that cancels protection of salmon in Idaho

Raul Labrador is currently a gubernatorial candidate in the state of Idaho. With that in mind, it makes no sense why he is co-sponsoring a bill that would eliminate all support and research for salmon & steelhead conservation and protection work.

Perhaps he is setting the example for all future gubernatorial candidates on how to quickly lose an election based on an extreme disconnect with his voter base. In the state of Idaho, people are passionate about the outdoors, whether that be enjoying the many recreations that it affords Idaho residents or simply being passionate about the preservation of their state’s beauty.

When Labrador added his name to the bill that would cancel all further research and protection efforts for salmon and steelhead, he was not even able to offer an explanation for his efforts, let alone any new ideas and solutions for protecting the fish.

According to Labrador, the bill should pass because salmon and steelhead numbers are great, if not exceeding previous year’s numbers. Were that the case, there would be no reason for the Idaho Fish and Game to prematurely close the steelhead fishing season for an indefinite period of time. Clearly, the salmon and steelhead numbers are dwindling in Idaho. Unfortunately, Raul Labrador does not care about Idaho’s supreme natural resources, wildlife or concerns of Idaho residents.

What makes Labrador’s stance even more idiotic is the fact that he claims to have always been the politician who wants less federal involvement and oversight. On top of that, he is strongly in favor of politicians staying out of issues that have less to do with politics and more with conservation and environmental issues.

On top of being against supporting salmon and steelhead preservation and protection, he seems to be against economy stimulation in the state of Idaho as well. What he does not realize is that so many small Idaho towns such as Salmon, Stanley, Challis, and Lewiston rely heavily on those fish to arrive each year for a boost in their economy. Anglers from around the world travel to Idaho each year in search of those fish, often staying for days at a time in these small cities.

With Raul’s vote for bill HR 3144 he has clearly made his stance and belief known to residents and voters in Idaho – Raul Labrador is in favor of more government control and taking Idaho’s voice away. He is also more focused on what he will gain politically, possibly financially, from passing this bill rather than what it means for Idaho’s economy and residents.

A vote for Raul Labrador is not a vote for Idaho conservatives. It’s a vote against Idaho’s economy and wildlife.

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