Obama Now Being Accused in Russiagate

With the FBI’s poorly timed indictment of 13 Russian nationals in the continued election-meddling case, the GOP is finally demanding answers from past President Obama as well as his administration as to why nothing was done earlier about the meddling. According to various sources, the meddling began in 2014, almost directly in the middle of Obama’s second term.

On Monday, President Trump took to Twitter, adding “ Obama as President up to, and beyond, the 2016 election. So why didn’t he do something about Russian meddling?”
Whether you support President Trump or not, the updated information into the Russian interference does raise more questions. Over the President’s day weekend, President Trump tweeted quite a bit in regards to the investigation, at one point tweeting the following:

With the increasing amount of new evidence, indictments and tweets, the only thing that remains clear is our need for definite answers. The waters of this investigation are continually churning, making it more and more unclear what actually happened, who did it and who is guilty.

Weighing in on the question to the past Obama administration, Rep. Nunes of California commented that “the Obama administration failed to act on the [House Intelligence Committee’s] warnings.” Based on what we know, Nunes’ concerns here seem particularly valid.

In addition to Nunes, Jason Chaffetz, the former U.S. Rep from Utah commented that the Obama administration indeed failed to act after being provided intelligence of the meddling. Adding insult to injury, he commented that John Brennan, the former CIA Director, and James Clapper, the former National Intelligence Director, “weren’t on top” of anything to do with Russia. This information came from the indictment that was recently released.
Sorry Obama, but telling Putin to “cut it out” (literally), doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to meddling in elections. After all, aren’t you guilty as well of doing the same thing in other countries?

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/19/trump-asks-why-obama-didnt-do-something-about-russian-meddling.html

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