Wall Street’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Tragedy struck on February 14, as a mentally deranged 19-year old killed 17 students of Stoneman Douglas High School. All the signs were there.The killer’s former teachers and counselors knew he was troubled and failed to stop him. The police who visited the killer’s home multiple times failed to stop him. The sheriff’s deputy whose job it was to protect the school failed to stop him. Everything failed. Everything but the gun. It did what any pistol or rifle is designed to do, strike the bullet’s primer each time the trigger is pulled, an action the killer performed repeatedly.

One of the hundreds of students attending the school that day was David Hogg, a 17-year-old senior. According to his account, he identified the popping sounds he heard as gunshots and exited the classroom. A janitor warned him and his classmates away from the direction of the gunfire and he found refuge in a closet inside the culinary arts classroom.

While Hogg hid and engaged social media, others faced gunfire. The killer was captured shortly after the attack and ended up being exactly the person everyone suspected most likely to shoot up a school.

Without delay, the media and their gun control partners seized the tragedy as a way to promote their anti-gun narrative. Right in the middle of it all was David Hogg; an untouchable kid with a camera-friendly appearance and a perfect spokesperson for the gun control political machine.

The Rise of David Hogg

Hogg appeared smart, articulate, and no one could say anything negative about him without receiving a powerful backlash from the highest levels. He could play fast and loose with the facts without consequence. He was the greatest thing to happen to the left since Barrack Obama was elected President.

Becoming a mental health advocate was not sexy enough for Hogg. Fighting the NRA and an army of second amendment believers with nothing more than a microphone and a twitter account was a dream too big to fail. With all his TV appearances, headline speeches at huge rallies, several hundred thousand twitter followers, and daily news headlines, Hogg had become a celebrity. Kim Kardashian had her sex tape. David Hogg had his closet. This was his moment in the spotlight and he was remarkable.

Attacked by the critics on the right of being a “crisis actor”, Hogg has endured threats and social media posts aimed at discrediting his charming personality and message. He toppled politicians and the media adored him for dismantling his opponents on TV. No one was safe calling out the untouchable star of the left. When Fox News personality Laura Ingram pointed out that Hogg was rejected from numerous colleges, he called for a boycott of her advertisers. Fearful of the volley of tweets generated by the activation of liberal armchair activists, advertisers pulled their spots and Ingram apologized. Hogg had become a full-blown star with the power to control commerce.

Seeing that national legislative efforts were not going to fall his way, Hogg appears to have engaged in one of the liberals favorite ways of hitting the 1%; stock market manipulation through chaos.

Hogg Futures and Your 401k

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently pointed out that the current environment of chaos and fear were creating serious harm to the marketplace. “They are just jazzing you up. You’re being manipulated,” Dimon told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview.

Dimon is right, we are all being manipulated and Hogg validated his theory when he called for investors to boycott Blackrock and The Vanguard Group.

This is an interesting play. Blackrock Investments is a massive financial institution that owns shares in numerous industries, including companies that own stakes in gun manufacturers.  Blackrock’s CEO, Lawrence Fink is a Democrat who has advocated for improving the environment, working to better their communities, and increasing the diversity of their workforces. The Vanguard Group is an investment management company that may be responsible for handling your employer’s 401k plan. These are obscure targets for a high school student who recently turned 18.

With his tweet, Hogg activated his army of armchair activists against the institutions that manage the funds of your retirement and pension plans. Blackrock’s stock alone dropped from a high of $540 a few days ago to a low of $522. This represents a loss of nearly $2.5 billion in value. That’s money coming out of your 401k. Whether you own a gun or not, you just got fleeced.

That’s right, Hogg’s attack on Blackrock accounted for BILLIONS in losses. Someone had to see this coming. On April 5, 2018, Blackrock issued a client update that informed investors that they were going to create new funds that did not invest in any companies that had ties to the firearms industry. If you are paying attention, you’ll notice that a giant financial institution run by a Democrat postured itself right before Hogg’s carefully crafted tweet. Shortly after their stock dropped nearly 3%. Anyone with insider knowledge must have made a fortune shorting positions on this stock.

Hedge funds managers and quants may be adjusting their trading algorithms to account for any new Hogg bump in the stock market. Bitcoin traders may be scouring the dark web for data on illicit gun sales paid for with bitcoin. They’ll wait indefinitely for the financial whiz kid to advocate against actual gun crime.

We call BS on Hogg
We Call BS

Is Hogg is a young financial genius? Or is he a high school kid whom UCLA rejected that happened to move billions in the market in a matter of days? When it comes to his financial prowess, we call BS. It seems more likely he has plenty of help in being the mouthpiece of a movement designed to line the pockets of billionaire liberals secretly pulling his strings.

What are David Hogg’s motivations? Until Forbes studies his net worth when he makes their top 1% lists, we may never know. He signed a book deal that sure to sell as well as Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened” or James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty”. His memoir may net him millions off a mass shooting, an irony sure to fire up gun rights advocates across the nation.

Whatever happens in the next 15 minutes, Hogg’s stock is going to rise. Very likely at the expense of your retirement portfolio.

Disclaimer: Idaho Conservatives does not have sponsors to boycott for this opinion piece. Mr. Hogg is an adult now and a public figure. We are exercising our first amendment right to opine on behavior we perceive as bullying towards Americans who support the Second Amendment. This is not an attack against victims of the tragedy. Photo credit: Alamy.com – rights managed.

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