The Generosity of President Trump

The true character of a man has long been understood to be defined by the actions any man makes behind closed doors when he believes nobody is watching. Your overall character can also be defined based on how you treat those around you, especially those you do not know, who offer you nothing in return for your kindness and generosity.

With this definition in mind, it is hard to completely know if the collective sum of someone’s actions really define them as a good person or not. While it is not our place at all to judge others or determine whether or not they are of good character, it is so easy to find ourselves looking at the actions of others and quickly letting those actions help determine the character of those around us.

It would be very easy to say (and easier to believe) that Prudent Trump has more character than Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, but it is not our place to judge. We can only go off of the public information we are made aware of.

For anyone who has really paid attention to the presidency of Donald Trump, you are well aware that he has been successful in accomplishing quite a few conservative tasks – definitely more than the liberal news media would like you to be aware of. In addition to the majority of news media outlets failing to report his successes, they have also failed at reporting the acts of generosity that Trump regularly commits.

On Christmas Day, President Trump spent the day with his family at Mar A Lago. He also served a massive Christmas dinner, complete with Turkey and a dessert buffet from one in the afternoon until seven in the evening. Invited to attend that dinner were hundreds of military and law enforcement personal – members of the White House Military Office, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Secret Service. While the act of feeding those who serve the President is noble, what makes it all the more generous is the fact that President Trump paid for the large holiday dinner on his own.

The act of thoughtful generosity no doubt shocked man, especially on the left. It also provided a pleasant reminder that going out of your way to give to others is more important to giving to yourself. Congratulations to President Trump and his family for knowing what the true spirit of Christmas is and sharing with those around us!

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