Congress Meets to Discuss Current Government Shutdown

Now in its second day, the government shutdown pushes on with no end in sight. The reason for the shutdown rests on the shoulders of the left as they stubbornly insist on the implementation of “unchecked illegal immigration” according to President Trump. To the left, this was more important than passing a new spending bill to fund CHIP for the next 6 years and avoid a government shutdown with promises to revisit DACA and reach an agreement on immigration reform prior to DACA’s expiration date this spring.

On Saturday, Congressional Republicans and Democrats convened on Capitol Hill for weekend meetings to discuss the shutdown and quickly reach a resolution to end it. Their goal is to reach an agreement prior to Monday so that the more than 1 million federal workers will be able to go to work rather than be furloughed without pay.

Unfortunately, the majority of the meetings were full of finger pointing and blaming rather than collectively working to reach a resolution for the current shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said that “The American people cannot begin to understand why the Senate Democratic leader thinks the entire government should be shut down until he gets his way on illegal immigration.”

According to Chuck Schumer, nicknamed “shutdown chuck” after this weekend, the Democrats feel “very, very strongly about the issues.”

While everything appears to be the result of the Democrat’s famous stubbornness, the truth of the matter is that both parties need to put an end to party politics this time around, focus on the crisis at hand and reach an agreement that immigration reform will be a top priority with an urgent resolution as soon as the Left can pass this important spending bill. If anything, Dems, pass this so that 8.9 million underprivileged children can have health insurance Monday.

Source: Fox News

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