Idaho GOP winter meeting

This weekend is a busy weekend for many legislators from around the state move over to the City of Trees for the sixty-fifth session of the Idaho Legislature.

Inauguration events for Governor-elect Brad Little and the State Constitutional Officers take place Friday and Saturday. Idaho’s past four governors signed a letter announcing their support for the GOP inaugural events, which include a prayer service, public swearing-in on the Capitol steps, the Governor’s Dinner and the Inaugural Ball. Several after party events are being held Saturday night, which are “more inclusive and open this year,” according to Betsy Z. Russell of the Idaho Press.

Also beginning today and continuing Saturday is the annual Idaho Republican State Central Committee Winter Meeting at the Boise Centre.

(As the new Idaho Conservatives director of communications, I’ll be present at the GOP Winter Meeting and will be posting the highlights of what happens in the committee meetings, so stay tuned to for updates.)

What is the Idaho Republican State Central Committee and who serves on it?

The Republican State Central Committee (IRSCC) is the governing body of the Idaho Republican Party. It establishes all policy and functions of the Idaho GOP at the state level.  Voting members of the IRSCC include all five voting members of the State Executive Committee, County Chairmen, State Committeemen, six State Committeewomen, the State Youth Committeeperson, and Legislative District Chairmen.

What’s happening at the Winter Meeting?

Friday: Four important committees will meet in the afternoon/evening, which includes the:

  • Executive Committee
  • Redistricting Committee
  • Standing Resolutions Committee
  • Standing Rules Committee

On Saturday, the four committees present reports of the meeting during the General Session, as do the Chair, Treasurer, Finance Chair, the Republican National Committeeman/Committeewoman, and the various affiliated clubs, such as the Idaho Federation of Republican Women, the Idaho Young Republicans, and the Idaho College Republicans.

The Idaho Republican Party State Rules also require the Idaho Hall of Fame Awards to be given during the winter meeting. A list of awards and past recipients can be found on the ID GOP website.

The Republican State Central Committee concludes the meeting by conducting unfinished and new business and the Winter Meeting General Session is expected to adjourn around noon. The agenda can be found on the ID GOP website.

Who’s who on the Rules & Resolutions CommitteesEach of the two committees has two co-chairs and two voting members from each of Idaho’s seven regions.

Standing Rules CommitteeCo-chairs are Trent Clark, former ID GOP Chairman from Soda Springs and Brent Regan, Kootenai County Central Committee Chairman.

All of the proposed rules changes to be discussed the meeting can be viewed on the ID GOP website.

Standing Resolutions CommitteeCo-chairs are Ryan Davidson, Ada County Central Committee Chairman, and Chenele Dixon, Secretary of the Twin Falls County Central Committee.

All of the proposed resolutions are also posted online.

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