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Idaho Conservatives is expanding. We are growing our team to help us achieve a much larger goal: to reclaim what it means to be an ‘Idaho conservative.’ The first item of business is an initiative which aims to tell “the right side of the story,” not the extreme-right faction’s perspective on political issues.

Idaho Conservatives now has:
  • A new mission
  • An energized board of directors
  • A communications director at the Legislature

“The definition of ‘conservative’ in our state has become more and more associated with ultra-right fringe conservatives. We believe those ultra-right ideals don’t represent most Idaho conservatives,” said new board member Jennifer Ellis, a farmer and rancher. Ellis has been a leader in agricultural and community advocacy groups for over 20 years.

“A group of us have come together to stand up and take back the narrative and encourage more dialogue from the real Idaho conservative perspective,” said Ellis. ”We feel we’ve got the right group of people to make a significant change, from the members of the board to our new director of communications, to the many supporters across the state who share the same feelings.”

“Idaho Conservatives’ mission is to stand up and defend the ideals of real Idaho conservatives by providing an accurate dialogue on public policy, legislative issues, and elections,” said Gregory Graf, who serves as a member of the board of the privately held company. Graf said the plan for the newly expanded organization will focus on increasing the amount of information about Idaho politics, communicated in bite-size pieces, such as short blogs, videos, Q&A sessions, and social media engagement.

“We’ve seen an incredible amount of support from people who are excited about our efforts. Our board is made up of passionate and influential leaders across the state whose ideals embody true Idaho conservatism. We have big plans for the future of this organization and we continue to gain new partners who have the same goals we do. This step is just the beginning,” said Graf.

Holly Cook
Holly Cook,  Director of Communications

Idaho Conservatives has hired Holly Cook to direct communications and public relations efforts for Cook will be at the Idaho State Capitol full time during the upcoming legislative session. “I couldn’t be more excited to be part of something so important. It’s much bigger than all of us. The conversation is about to shift in a big way,” said Cook.

“ will give lawmakers more opportunities to tell the right side of the story about legislation, rules, policy making and other information which affects all of us in our everyday lives. We’re blazing a new trail — one that’s been needed for a long time,” said Cook.

Holly can be reached via email at:

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