An ad created by the Democratic group Latino Victory Fund was recently pulled after the terror attack in New York City that left eight dead and several wounded and hospitalized.

The ad depicted children of various ethnicities running away from a truck that is chasing after them. At the end of the commercial, the children each awake from the supposed nightmare of being profiled and targeted. You can see the full ad here:

Their message? Supporters of gubernatorial hopeful and republican, Ed Gillispie are truck-driving, confederate flag fans who stalk target children with their racist, white supremacists actions.

And what did the Latino Victory Fund have to save for themselves after such a hateful message?

“We knew our ad would ruffle feathers. We held a mirror up to the Republican Party, and they don’t like what they see. We have decided to pull our ad at this time.”

The group continued, adding “Given recent events, we will be placing other powerful ads into rotation that highlight the reasons we need to elect progressive leaders in Virginia.”

The ad was planned to run through Election Day, November 7th.

Tuesday morning, while being interviewed on “Fox and Friends,” candidate Gillespie denounced the ad, stating:

“This attack is not just an attack on my supporters, it’s an attack on all Virginians. The fact is, whether you disagree with people or not, in Virginia, we respect civil discourse and this is a new low in politics here. It’s a sad day.”

Gillespie’s campaign manager called the ad a “desperate smear campaign.”

The ad comes at a poor time for the Dems, when they are gripping for anything while degrading their standards. The ad, titled “American Nightmare” speaks more to the discord between two parties – one leading and one fighting.

Even more frustrating is the fact that candidate Ralph Northam has yet to distance himself or denounce the ad in any way.

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