This Year Santa is Bringing Tax Cuts

For quite some time now the GOP has effortlessly worked alongside Paul Ryan to bring to pass the new tax bill.

It should come as no surprise that Paul Ryan was pleased with the passing of the new tax bill. While on the House floor speaking, he cheerfully exclaimed, “Today we give the people their money back!” He follows by adding, “This is their money after all!”

The tax bill’s passing comes with criticism from the left, claiming that this tax bill as with almost all others, is simply a bill to make the rich even richer while discreetly taking more money from the working class of America.

With the tax bill so new and just passing, there are understandably a lot of Americans in the dark, wondering what they should and should not believe from the media.

The old tax code was simply too complex, too broken and too favorable for the uppermost classes in this country. A broken tax bill presents speed bumps and potholes for many Americans looking to speed down the road to success. The previous tax code is especially damning for business owners – both of already established businesses as well as new startup companies.

Taking to Twitter, Paul Ryan addressed the soon-to-be-seen burst of economic activity as a result of this new tax bill, stating that “Economic growth and job creation will not solve all of our problems, but they make our problems easier to solve.”

One of the specific ways this tax bill will help the economy is to decrease the amount of jobs that are moving overseas. Ryan called the tax bill “the single most important thing we can do” is we are to succeed at making America the leader it once was.

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