Corry Bliss is a name you will probably become quite familiar with as time goes on. If you have heard of him, chances are you are not entirely aware of his importance, like almost everyone else who has heard of him.

There is, currently, a massive battle being fought to keep Congress in the caring hands of the Republican party. The battle has far-reaching effects, done to political canvassers and campaigners already knocking doors throughout the country to raise awareness for candidates. The GOP believes that preparing now for the razor-thin margins that are projected will ultimately push them to victory. Specifically, the GOP feels that controlling the chamber comes down to winning over small groups of key voters in small districts, and they are already working in around 30 districts to hopefully bring this all to pass.

The man behind the curtain in all of this is Corry Bliss. The overall endeavor to win will end up costing an estimated $100 million, worth every penny to the GOP if they are able to maintain and protect the majority the party currently enjoys. Bliss is no stranger to tough races. He is a strategist in his mid-thirties with endless determination and vigor. When asked about one particular district with political canvassers hard at work he added, “there are more of us than them,” and while he is right, he might just be onto something big.

Some question, though, just how important Bliss is in the overall picture of maintaining the majority. Seeing that he runs the Congressional Leadership Fund super Pac with help and support from Paul Ryan, his credentials and authority are starting to grow. The overall goal and mission, according to Bliss, is to simply “make sure they vote next year.”

This mindset and theory may seem simple and mundane, but it is worth remembering that the Presidential election went to now President Donald Trump when new voters that had never been engaged were suddenly coming out of the shadows to vote. The GOP is realizing the power of individual votes while simultaneously proving that every vote really does matter.

Interestingly enough, over the past 100 years of political history, first-term U.S. Presidents’ have experienced a loss of ground in the House during every single mid-term election minus two. During the most severe of those mid-term elections, 35 or more seats were lost during the election. With history looking to possibly repeat itself during this midterm, Corry Bliss has every reason to be worried.

With the odds seemingly stacked against the GOP, many have put their faith in Corry Bliss, some going as far as heralding him as the next great campaign mind, even the next Karl Rove. His efforts have already shown small amounts of success, but there is still ground to cover.

One of the most recent moves from Bliss was to adjust the focus of campaigning to knocking every door rather than churning out ads. This adjustment is part of the reason his campaign is already so successful. Taking the time to reach out to every voter in a given district is proving to be much more valuable than ads that reach a certain group.

While Bliss has not divulged all of his political tricks, he noted that “The points to win. Politics is like sports for adults…I live for the fight.”

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