Hillary’s Latest Attack on the GOP Through Children’s Healthcare

Hillary is kind of like that one cat in your neighborhood that, despite all efforts to keep away, somehow manages to come back. Currently, the finger of blame for Russian collusion is pointed more at Hillary and her campaign than it is Trump. She also lied about Benghazi and her private email server. She lost the presidential election. Oh, and our favorite, wrote a letter to the readers of Teen Vogue. Take that confusing plea for publicity as you will.

The point is, Hillary cannot help herself when it comes to staying out of the limelight. No matter what she goes through, she still crawls back to try being in the public eye.

Her latest attempt for attention comes in the form of debating the funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program – CHIP. This is a  combined healthcare plan on both the federal and state levels nestled under Medicare and Medicaid. It is used almost exclusively for children of less fortunate families, helping an estimated 9 million children throughout the country each year.

Hillary debating this really seems more and more like a plea for attention given the fact that CHIP is bipartisan approved, with very little argument between both parties on the matter.

It did not make major news at all, but in September, the funding for CHIP expired, so President Trump signed a short-term resolution pushing any extra CHIP funds to states with massive budget shortages. This resolution puts around 10 states at risk of losing funding to CHIP by the end of 2018.

Not surprisingly, Hillary has made her distaste for the resolution known and is starting to build yet another attack on Trump over this.

In almost comical fashion, she went to Twitter to spread her message. Before reading any of her tweets regarding CHIP, keep her below tweet in mind.

There were more tweets similar to this, essentially attacking the GOP while simultaneously stirring up hate…the thing she criticizes in her own tweet. It should not come as a surprise though, it is simply Hillary being her quintessentially deceptive politician.

All of her actions lead many from the GOP wondering if this is the grand culmination of Hillary’s political career – from her climax as the First Lady to now a twitter warrior who refuses to exit stage left and let the show go on. The GOP is working hard to tackle tax reform, among other things such as healthcare, that in the long run would produce a better outcome for programs like CHIP.

Until then, you can find Hillary still scheming for more public attention and sympathetic acceptance, just now through Twitter as a little bully. A bully that could not hold her own even to a 12-year-old online gamer. Hillary, please step aside and let the government run. Things run so much smoother without you here. Thanks.

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