Hillary Clinton Now Guest Editing Teen Vogue

Yes, that headline reads like something from an SNL sketch, but it is true. The failed presidential candidate landed a gig as guest editing post of a teenage fashion magazine: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/hillary-clinton-cover-letter-to-teenage-self-volume-4

The news of this guest editing cry for attention comes just days after the public was informed of the DNC’s brilliant idea to rig the primary elections in Clinton’s favor in order to solidify a spot in the oval office her. Even with Hillary cheating, the DNC cannot get her into office.

You would think this may be the end of the road for bad news surrounding Mrs. Clinton, but just as a good joke, it gets even better. Within the magazine, Teen Vogue, Hillary penned and published a letter to her teen self.

The understanding, as of today, is that the title of the letter – “Believe in yourself. You’re going to do great,” will somehow change teen minds (predominantly teen girls), that lying and losing a presidential election that was rigged while simultaneously cheating is viewed today as “doing great.”

She continues with her self-proclaimed career highlights:

“Down the road, your tall, handsome boyfriend who’s crazy about politics will ask you to move to Arkansas with him. It will be a pretty outlandish suggestion – in fact, your friend Sara will spend the entire drive to Little Rock trying to talk you out of it – but your heart will steer you right. later, that same man will encourage you to run for the U.S. Senate: “You’d be great at it. I’d love to vote for you.” You should do that, too. Oh, and when President-elect Barack Obama says he wants to talk to you about a job opportunity in his cabinet, hear him out. Serving your community, your state, and your country will be the greatest privilege of your life.”

We especially appreciate the mention of having a family, doing charitable work and leading an honest political career. Wait, that’s the wrong politician. Our bad. She was probably wise to exclude the fact that her future husband would have a score of women who would label him as a sexual predator.

Hilary’s jump from a drive to Arkansas to running to the U.S. Senate leaves us wondering what went wrong in those years. And that position as Secretary of State she hints at, well, good luck finding anything of notable success there. Hillary herself struggles to name an actual success from that time of public service unless you consider the Benghazi scandal, destroyed emails and accepting donations from a known Hollywood sexual predator the success of a public servant.

The truth about Hillary, or maybe the letter that should be penned might read as follows:

You will try hard to succeed in the political arena, going to some of the greatest lengths while shattering every American value and moral that stands in your way of “success.” You will do anything for approval or money, but Americans will see right through it. Just like your political career, most everything you associate with will eventually become corrupted. After losing the Presidential election, you will pen a letter for a teenage fashion magazine that is going out of print in a last hopeful effort to show the next generation of Americans what is it like to be so compulsively addicted to attention that you will write a letter to teenagers interested in fashion rather than politics.

Thanks, Hillary!

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