Who doesn’t love the story of Pinocchio, a fun-loving marionette alongside his trusty cricket make their way through the adventures of life?

It is a fun story to read, a great movie to watch, but a little unnerving to live with.

You see, in Bonneville County, we are seeing a similar story, The Bonneville Country Central Committee may like to keep their legislators on strings, and when they need them to dance… well, they dance.

Maybe Rep Jeff Thompson didn’t dance high enough, maybe he didn’t dance at all, or maybe he decided a break from the strings might be nice. Whatever the reason the puppet and the masters had a brief falling out. The Idaho Freedom Foundation sharpened their pitchforks and readied their torches to make sure their candidate knew his place.

Jeff Thompson Idaho Freedom Foundation

Enter Gary Marshall, a common-sense conservative with experience to match intellect. He offered the voters a candidate that will actually work hard for them. Unfortunate for the Bonneville County Central Committee Gary isn’t going to be controlled by them or the Freedom Foundation.

Suddenly the Idaho Freedom Foundation decides that maybe Thompson isn’t that bad after all. The group that flipped away from Thompson were far too quick to flop right back, only after spending money on multiple mailers attacking Thompson… oops.

As for Thompson, he is more than happy to be back in the good graces with Bonneville County Central Committee and their political machine.

With a candidate as solid and positive as Marshall, Thompson is forced to scrape whatever support he can muster after a disastrous mayoral race in Idaho Falls.

Thompson tries to accuse the man who taught the constitution for decades of not being conservative enough. Thompson, who voted for Obamacare in Idaho, tries to tell the world that it is his opponent who is liberal on health care.

Thompson with no background in education or agriculture is trying to convince us that he somehow knows those issues better than the educator/farmer.

The lowest of the attacks accuse Marshall of not being Pro-Life because he supports a health exception for the mother. Well, it was Ronald Reagan who said “when we talk about abortion, we are talking about two lives — the life of the mother and the life of the unborn child. “

Is Thompson telling us we are electing a Ronald Reagan on abortion? If that is the case, how soon can we vote?

If the choice is between a hardworking educator and farmer, who understands the constitution, listens to voters and will lead with conservative principles or a 10-year politician who voted for Obamacare and voted with whoever promised to keep him in office, then most principled conservatives will go with the highly educated farmer. We would rather have a reliable conservative than a special interest controlled muppet.

Update: 5/9/18: Last night Jeff Thompson was asked during a candidate forum who his top donors were. He stumbled to find the words and did not answer the question.

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