On Tuesday morning, a former Republican State Representative was found dead in his home. Canyon County Coroner’s office has ruled Brandon Hixon’s death a suicide from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

In 2012, Representative Hixon (age 36) was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives. Although he was one of the youngest representatives, he usually flew under the radar. On October 19, 2017, Hixon abruptly resigned amid a sexual abuse investigation that was launched on October 5th. This investigation was being overseen by the state attorney general but has declined to comment or release details of the investigation.

Hixon’s ex-wife, Danielle Eirvin Hixon, alleges that Brandon Hixon was being investigated for molesting two young females, one who was allegedly abused for more than 10 years.

Many politicians have shared kind words and tributes about Hixon on social media:

Hixon’s ex-wife, Danielle Eirvin Hixon, shared the following:

“Brandon made people believe that he was a stand-up, morally correct person. But behind the house walls, he would cheat on me and molested children.”

Danielle and two other people had been scheduled to testify before a grand jury on Wednesday.

This was not the only sexual abuse investigation surrounding Hixon. In 2014, it was alleged that he inappropriately touched a minor while babysitting. Hixon denied these allegations and told police that he was concerned that these allegations would negatively impact his political career.

It’s unknown if the current investigation was connected to this case.
In his resignation letter, Hixon wrote:

“I hope that my efforts have helped improve the lives of my constituents in District 10, as well as all Idahoans,” Hixon wrote in his resignation letter. “I will never forget all of my colleagues that I very much enjoyed working side by side with to make Idaho a better place for all.”


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