Regina Bayer is officially the Senator for District 21

On Monday, January 28th, Regina Bayer (R-Meridian) was officially sworn-in as a Senator.

Regina was the top-ranked choice on a list of three names provided to Governor Brad Little by the Legislative District 21 Central Committee to fill the vacant seat in the Idaho Senate. The seat was vacated by her son, Clifford “Cliff” Bayer.

Senator Cliff Bayer served in the Idaho Legislature for 15 years: five terms in the House and three terms in the Senate. In November, he had just been elected to serve a fourth term when his longtime friend Russ Fulcher won his election to the U.S. House of Representatives. Fulcher appointed Senator Cliff Bayer to serve as his chief of staff.

Regina’s husband, Cliff’s father, Dieter Wolfgang Bayer also served in the Idaho House of Representatives in the mid 1980s.

Senator Regina Bayer

On Monday, former Senator Cliff Bayer said of his mother, “I couldn’t be more happy and proud. She’s always been very engaged in the Idaho statehouse, quite frankly. She helped my dad when he served in the House and she has been very helpful to me during my time in the legislature.”

“I know she takes it as a great honor to represent District 21,” Cliff continued, “Her level of the engagement over the years and her relationships with people, from the precinct level and up, show what a great fit she is for this. I couldn’t be happier.”

Former Senator Clifford “Cliff” Bayer

Senator Regina Bayer’s office is still home to many of her son’s legislative momentos, which she says she doesn’t intend to take down. Regina expressed her certainty that her son will do an exceptional job for Congressman Fulcher, noting his incredible attention to detail.

Representative Steven Harris, who also represents Legislative District 21, stopped by Senator Regina Bayer’s office to congratulate her on being official. “She’ll do great, no question,” said Harris.

Governor Little’s office issued a press release on Monday, in which he extended his appreciation for “Regina’s willingness to step up and serve the people of Idaho and District 21.”

Senator Bayer serves on the Agricultural Affairs and Health & Welfare committees.

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