Surprise! This Morning Joe Host Agrees With Trump on Immigration

We are still not entirely sure what is going on over at Morning Joe seeing that Scarborough recently agreed with Trump on immigration. It is no secret that the increasingly popular MSNBC show does not regularly favor anything coming from the Republican party.

I’ll admit, I actually had to rewind the show after I heard Scarborough say that President Trump was spot on with his view on immigration. At first, I thought the host was going to pause after agreeing then make a sarcastic or an egregiously sarcastic joke about the President.

Scarborough did not stop there though. He continued by further agreeing with President Trump, partially, when it comes to the media and their increasingly obvious disconnect from the American people. Scarborough commented that the media is completely oblivious when it comes to knowing what the American people want, noting the following:

“Lot of people in the media may not like it. I talk about this massive disconnect between where Americans are on immigration and where the media is on immigration, where elites are on immigration. Most Americans agree with Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s view of immigration.”

Scarborough continued by commenting “Whether you want to call it chain migration. Whether you want to talk about the lottery, whether you want to talk about only wanting highly skilled immigrants in this country…There has been a lot of polls out over the past couple of weeks and one of them are good news for Democrats.”

He concluded by adding “Don’t shoot the messenger, read the polls, most Americans are far closer to Stephen Miller’s views on immigration than they are Nancy Pelosi. That’s just the political reality if you look at the polls.”

Not surprisingly, the news of an MSNBC host admitting that the majority of Americans side with President Trump did not make major headlines on Wednesday, especially in the heavy-leaning left media outlets.

One thing about the MSNBC shocking admittance is that it presumably took major courage to knowingly go against the preverbal political grain. With that, congratulations to Joe Scarborough for sticking up for the American people and overlooking politics in an effort to accurately and honestly inform the American public.

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